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Prodoor is the product of a dream to offer high-quality uPVC apertures in a timely manner and with the best customer care and after-sales service on the island.

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After years of hard work and dedication, the directors of the company achieved the expertise and knowledge to be able to take their dream to the next level.

Nowadays Prodoor has successfully installed thousands of apertures of all sizes, design and colour to both residential households and to contractors. PVC apertures are not only aesthetically nicer but offer superior thermal and sound insulation, are secure, liable, maintenance & corrosion free and are resistant to all types of weather.

Prodoor is the authorized representative of Proline a world-wide renowned brand that continuously strives to achieve higher standards. All of our PVC apertures carry 10 years of warranty and even though all the profiles are continuously upgraded and tested the most reliable test that our apertures have passed is the test of time!

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